Phoenix Industrial Tire Truing Services LLC
Phoenix Industrial Tire Truing Services LLC

Why replace four tires when you can replace just one?

Helping people save money one tire, one wheel at a time. How do we do this? Tire shaving & alloy wheel repair. Keep reading. 

What we're about

Your Regional Tire, Wheel & Rim Experts


Our primary business is truing (shaving) tires as well as alloy wheel repair. What does tire truing mean? Why do people need this service?  

With 20+ years of automotive industry experience (15 years in the AWD sector), we've identified a need for this service with the increasing number of all wheel drive (AWD) and four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles on the road today. When a tire on these vehicles is damaged due to hitting a curb, encountering a pothole hazard, or puncturing from an embedded nail,  such situations typically require all four tires to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the AWD/4WD system. A new set of tires for these vehicles ranges between $500-$900. This means a basic set of tires has now become more expensive than a vehicle tune up.  

The tire shaving service we provide changes this scenario. Instead of buying all four tires, people can now purchase a single tire that we shave down to match the treadwear on the other three existing tires, preventing damage to the vehicle's AWD or 4WD system. This saves our customers hundreds of dollars in a single instance.  

Also, we can fix most tires. A vehicle with chopped or feathered tires which cause a vibration or noise can now be trued instead of being replaced. We can also camber tires up to 3 degrees.

We welcome all performance vehicles as well. If we are unable to service the tires or wheels, we know people who will.

Additional Services


As a one-stop tire & wheel maintenance shop, we offer a broad spectrum of services, most with same-day turnaround. We're here to help with all of your wheel and tire needs, including alloy wheel repair, bent wheel straightening, corrosion and leak repair, new tires, mounting & balancing services, tire rotations, onsite tire storage, and cambering.

We will also mount new or used tires you bring to us. Feel free to have them shipped directly to the shop.

We're also pleased to offer light mechanical work and repair.

Our complete list of services:

- Tire Truing/Shaving

- Wheel Straightening

- Wheel Corrosion & Leak Repair

- New Tires (or source your own)

- Financing for new tires, rims, and wheel packages

- Mounting and Balancing (new installs & seasonal swaps)

- Tire Rotations

- Tire Cambering (up to 3 degrees)

- Onsite Seasonal Tire Storage

- Complete Vehicle Detailing Services

- Engine & Cabin Air Filter Replacements

- Brake Services

- Steering Component Repairs

- Suspension Component Repairs

- Light Maintenance Work

- Performance Parts & Installation

***Please note, service prices may vary between tire types (e.g. large ratio, low-profile) as well as between vehicle makes and models. Some services may not be available and may require dealership service. ***

Business Hours & Location


We are conveniently located in Barclay Square on Route 108 in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Our office is equipped with a comfortable waiting area featuring ample desk space, high speed internet, and cable TV (yes, you can use the remote). We also rock a pretty great YouTube music video playlist.

Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday By Appointment Only

For quotes, please call us at 603-841-7433 or email at

We are pleased to announce financing is now available for tires, rims, and wheel packages.

Wheel and Tire service Prices

Prices updated 1/5/2019.

What drives us


Our Vision

 Our vision is to grow into a multi-location business with a staff who upholds the highest standards of integrity and honesty.  We are paving the way for changes in the industry and throughout the region.  Your safety is riding on us and with a staff you can trust.    


Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide specialized wheel and tire services without compromise to quality.  We bring extensive years of experience to educate customers and the automotive community to service a growing need.  Your best interests are our top priority as well as the safety of those riding with you.  We aim to save customers' money, one wheel, one tire at a time.   


We love what we do....

 " The only why to do great work is to love what we do. "

"I love what I do.  I take great pride in what I do.  And I can't do something half way, three quarters, nine tenths.  If I'm going to do something, I go all the way." -Tom Cruise.


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Conveniently located in Somersworth, New Hampshire in Barclay Square, right side, suite #8.

Phoenix Industrial Tire Truing Services LLC

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